At Model Cleaners, we cater to both residential and commercial customers.

Our services include:

Room cleaning:

* Dusting off all accessible areas.

* Wiping surfaces and work spaces.

* Waste removal.

Kitchen cleaning:

* Stove surface cleaning.

* Cleaning work spaces.

* Dusting off kitchen appliances.

* Cleaning sink.

Bathroom cleaning:

* Shower and tub cleaning.

* Washbasin cleaning.

* Toilet cleaning.

Bedroom cleaning:

* Making beds. (includes bed sheet changing)

* Dusting off electrical appliances.

Living room and others:

* Dusting upholstery and seating.

* Dusting and cleaning surfaces.

* Dusting off electrical appliances.

Office cleaning:

* Dusting surfaces and work spaces.

* Waste removal.

* Dusting off electrical equipment and appliances.

All this for only $35 per hour!

We also provide additional services which include:

* Oven cleaning.

* Window cleaning.

*Cupboard cleaning.

*Patio and Garage sweeping.

*Laundry and Clothes ironing.

We also supply all products, which are Natural and Environmentally friendly, and also provide all necessary equipment, saving you both money and time.

All our staff are friendly and experienced, to provide the highest level of service, and are also insured for your own peace of mind.

Save time with a free, no-obligation quote. Tell us the services you need, and we’ll respond with an accurate quote. Need something else? Please use our Contact Us page.